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At the cemetery on the left in front of the collegiate church, we climb up the stairs and soon reach the Bruckner Symphony Route, which we now follow to Ansfelden. Occasionally we also find signs of the Way of St. James.

Karte Anton Bruckner Sinfonie Weg

Picture from the symphony way Brochure

After the sixth symphony station the path leads through the forest to another Bruckner Symphony Route sign pointing in strange directions. It's probably twisted. The right way is to turn left into the forest. Soon the 5th station with a bench is coming. If you follow the one directional arrow and go straight on and then go downhill to the right, is wrong, as we know from bitter experience.

Rohrbach bei St. Florian

Here the way leads us through Rohrbach. The path follows the road.

Materl am Bruckner Sinfonie Weg

At this point we leave the road and walk gently uphill along the edge of a forest. After the following forest section the misfortune with the twisted boards (see above) began.

Wegweiser Anton Bruckner Symphonie Wanderung

Back on the right track.

Sinfonietafel am Bruckner Weg

a Symphony board

Fernsehturm bei Ansfelden

The television tower comes in sight...

Vreni hält Rast

...and just in time, there's a bench standing by for a short break.

dark clouds on the way to Ansfelden

The clouds are getting denser and darker above us, but Ansfelden is not far away.

Ansfelden chuch tower

There you can already see the Ansfelden church tower.

Bruckners birthplace

We walk past Bruckner's birthplace...


...and in dry weather we reach our hostel, the Ansfeldner­hof.

church of Ansfelden

View from Ansfeldnerhof to the church