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Way of St. James in Austria

Ways of St. James Upper Austria

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After an extensive breakfast in the monastery we walk up the Traun river again (picture above).

Wallfahrtskirche zur Allerheiligsten Dreifaltigkeit in Stadl-Paura

The baroque church of Stadl-Paura ("Parish and pilgrimage church of the Holy Trinity") shines in its newly renovated splendour on the other bank of the Traun. It was built in the years 1714-1724 by the Upper Austrian master builder Johann Michael Prunner. It was donated by the Abbot of Lambach, Maximilian Pagl, in gratitude that the area was spared from the plague. The number 3 of the Trinity was consistently implemented. A triangular floor plan, 3 towers, 3 altars, 3 marble portals etc. The paintings of the high altars and of the dome are by three artists: Martino Altomonte, D. Parodi and Carlo Carlone. Of course the church has three organs.


The river and its banks are "renaturalized" here. That pleases the ducks.

Alluvial landscape

At the confluence of the Trau and Ager rivers, small lakes are created in the floodplain landscape.

Gasthof Fischerau

We continue walking upriver along the Anger and approach the (restaurant) Gasthof Fischerau.

Our fate with inns along the way: We always come when they are closed. Not even the cattle has paid us a glance.

Path through the riparian forests by the river

So we keep on walking, and on and on, always following the river.

Pilgrim's table by the wayside

The meaning of this little table for pilgrims was not quite clear to us.

Town sign Schwanenstadt

Around midday Schwanenstadt is reached.

Altars of the Schwanenstadt church

That's how it looks like in the church today. The altars are neo-gothic.

St John Nepomuk in the church in Schwanenstadt

St. John Nepomuk in the church (picture left) and his colleague in the town hall (picture below), where you can get a stamp for the pilgrim pass at the information desk on the ground floor.

St John Nepomuk statue in Schwanenstadt town hall
Schwanenstadt city gate

The Way of St. James leads out of the city through this gate.


After Schwanenstadt, the pilgrims' path leads past the cemetery and should then, according to the guide, turn diagonally right to Reinprechting. But there is now a new bypass road, which you cross on a bridge and after that there is a St. James' Way sign on the left side of the road. I usually interpret this as going straight ahead. In this case it is wrong. The way to Reinprechting goes to the right. In the picture the houses of Reinprechting.

Footbridge over the Dürre Ager

Footbridge over the Dürre Ager

dilapidated house

We pass a house in need of renovation ...


... and an interesting gate.

wayside cross

Rest area with wayside cross

Chapel in Redlham

Chapel in Redlham

Church in the distance

On the way to Attnang-Puchheim we climb a hill that leads into the town.
From Attnang-Puchheim it is only 5 km to Vöcklabruck.

Motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters in Vöcklabruck
Entrance gate to the motherhouse of the Franciscan nuns

In the Motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters in Vöcklabruck we were warmly welcomed.

After checking in we explored the old town of Vöcklabruck.

Pilgrimage room Franciscan Sisters, Vöcklabruck

In this almost luxurious pilgrim's room we spent a pleasant, restful night.