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This stage became a hunger stage. We thought to go somewhere on the way to eat. But that went wrong. Wherever there was an inn, it was closed due to rest days or alterations. Only at the finish in Unken our growling stomachs were calmed again. Teaching: Take emergency supplies with you!

The day began quite cool, foggy and cloudy.

Luitpold bridge

The Way of St. James leads over the Luitpold Bridge, a stone arched bridge over the Saalach River, out of Bad Reichenhall. At the bridge a Nepomuk welcomes us.


Path along the Saalach

The trail leads in a forest along the Saalach and the Saalach reservoir to Unterjettenberg. It will probably be a bit early for lunch there, we thought.


At the Saalachsee. The fog keeps and it is accordingly cool - but the temperature is just right for hiking.


The bridge and thus Unterjettenberg comes into sight.

chapel in Unterjettenberg

Here I stand by the chapel in Unterjettenberg. It was indeed a bit too early for dinner, but there was no inn either.

Path between Unterjetteneberg and Schneizlreuth

In the next village, in Schneizlreuth, there is certainly something to eat. Over a small hill the path leads there and descends again to the Saalach.

The inn in Schneizlreuth was much too far away from the Way of St. James, so we decided - already a little hungry - to walk to the Haiderhof inn; it's right on the way.


The beautiful inn Haiderhof was closed for renovation work.


With growling stomachs we hiked on to Unken.


Unken comes into sight.

Kirchenwirt Unken

Our pilgrim hostel:

The Kirchenwirt right next to the Jakobskirche in Unken.

The dinner was excellent!

Church of St. James, Unken.

The church of St. James at Unken

(The photo is composed of two parts)

Jakobskirche in Unken, Innenansicht

View into the Jakobskirche of Unken (chuch of St James). In the picture on the main altar St. James is depicted.


Marienaltar mit Nepomukstatue

On the right side altar stands John Nepomuk to the left of Mary.

Johannes Nepomuk

Devotional room

In the prayer room at the back of the church there is a Mariahilf painting. Click on it to enlarge!