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Way of St. James in Austia Vienna - Purkersdorf


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For the section from Wörgl to Innsbruck we have planned 4 days and relatively short stages. Luckily, because there was a bigger detour and there were two mountains to conquer. The pilgrimage was beautiful, simply fantastic.

Jakobsweg Info Tafel bei Wörgl

Just behind the train station Wörgl we come to the bridge over the Inn and a sign for the Jakobsweg. The way is excellently marked until just before Innsbruck.

Inn bridge

Vreni crosses the Inn.

View back to Wörgl

It goes uphill and soon we have a beautiful view back to Wörgl.

Way of St. James at the edge of the forest

We always followed the signs and did not follow the recommended abbreviations in the guide.

Schönsöller chapel at Angerberg

Here we are at the Schönsöllerkapelle (chapel) near Angerberg. Inside there is a pilgrim stamp.

Der March Hof

From the chapel the path becomes a little flatter. Here we pass a farm.

Thaler Kapelle

This is the Thaler Chapel. Unfortunately it was closed.


A first view of the Inn valley to the west.

Box on the tree (after Glanzham)

After Glatzham the way leads along the road with relatively heavy traffic. The signposted path soon leads uphill to the left to a farmstead, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view and then in Egg past this Jacob's road box via the hamlet "Berg" back to the road.

This is a detour, but a nice one and it leads past this little box. It hides a special surprise. Click on the box to open it.


The Obstler (Schnapps) was excellent!


It goes downhill again. The cross stands just before Kleinsöll.

gotic church of Kleinsöll

The gothic church of Kleinsöll was unfortunately closed.

A look inside the church for the curious.


Note the fine gothic ribbed vaulting!

meadow: Where is the way?

After Kleinsöll the Jakobsweg becomes a meadow path and the course becomes a guessing game.

Tip: The path continues on the lower right.

Soon after the forest passage we are at the river Inn and march to Breitenbach.