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Nepomukstatue bei Rattenberg

At the bridge over the Inn at the entrance to Rattenberg there is a statue of Nepomuk. Vreni is photographing it

Nepomukstatue Rattenberg

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church St. Virgil

The church of St. Vergil rises above the southern row of houses of the small town below the castle hill and is accessible via two covered staircases in the south and one staircase in the east.

The originally Gothic church was baroque in the 18th century.

St Virgil, inside

The church has a northern main nave (middle nave) and a southern side nave (miners' nave) and a main choir and a side choir.

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Notburga chapel

The Notburga Chapel

St. Notburga is present here several times. Finally, she was born here in Rattenberg in 1265 as the daughter of a hatter couple. In the service of the Lords of Rottenburg she distinguished herself through her charity - see the picture of the Notburga window. Later she worked for a farmer in Eben, where the miracle of the sickle occurred. In the parish church in Eben her relics are also very drastically exhibited.


As a collector of Nepomuk representations I am pleased about a Nepomuk altar.

Impressions of the worth seeing town Rattenberg am Inn.

The smallest town in Austria enchants with its medieval flair. In 2013 the city area was put under ensemble protection (monument protection).

  • Südtirolerstrasse
  • beautiful oriel in front of the Augustinian monastery
  • Platzbräu - weisses Lamm
  • well-earned break
  • Cafés in the Südtirolerstrasse
  • very many cycle tourists
  • Café Hacker in the Südtirolerstrasse
  • Crystal glass shops and a house with a coat of arms in the Südtirolerstrasse
  • Südtirolerstrasse 24, town house with old coat of arms
  • Passarelle to the glass factory, behind it the Kremerbrunnen
  • Rattenberger jumping jacks
  • Rattenberger jumping jacks
  • Rattenberg coat of arms