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The Way of St. James continues on an asphalt farm track above the monastery church of Fiecht. Dogs must be kept on a leash from April to October.

Jakobsweg von Fiecht nach Vomp

The Way of St. James heading west to Vomp.

Stift Fiecht

A look back at Stift Fiecht is definitely worthwhile.

Schild: Schnittlauchgasse

Soon the Jakobsweg leads for a long time through the Schnittlauchgasse! "Ruelle de ciboulette or Soon the Jakobsweg leads for a long time through the Schnittlauchgasse! "Ruelle de ciboulette, or Chive lane" comes to mind.

Vomp im Inntal

The church of Vomp

Innenansicht Kirche Vomp Notburgafenster

This is what it looks like in the church. We didn't find a pilgrim's stamp, but a beautiful Notburgafenster (glass window with St. Notburga, a Tyrolan saint).


After Vomp, the signposted Way of St. James leads along the edge of the forest around the huge gravel works at the back. The guides recommend to pass the gravel works on the road.

Tip: Walking around in the back is much nicer and the detour is not that big!

The path goes into the valley where the Vomper stream comes from until it is crossed and then comes out again on the other side. You will pass this cross.

Am Weg nach Vomperbach

We approach the village of Vomperbach. At the next crossroads we walk uphill along the road to the right.

After about 300m the path turns left into the forest.

Blick ins Inntal bei Terfens

At the end of the forest we find a bench for a short break. This is the view from the bench to the Inn valley ...


... and this is the view of the Karwendel mountains on the other side.


The place in the distance is Terfens. But we do not enter the village, but walk along the edge of the forest towards Maria Larch.

Maria Larch

After a short ascent the pilgrimage chapel Maria Larch is reached.

It dates back to the 17th century. In the baroque fountain house, St. Florian watches over the water, which is still considered an invigorating drink today. In the 18th century it cured a mute girl of her suffering.

Gerhard beim Florianibrunnen
Gerhard beim Florianibrunnen

Anyway, the water is excellent. Here it is worth replenishing the water supply. Finger

Maria Larch, Innenansicht

This is what it looks like in the chapel.


You can look through the grid to the altar and the image of grace when you touch the image with your mouse!

Here begins a beautiful path through the Larchtal to Sankt Michael.

  • Larchtal
  • Larchtal
  • Larchtal
  • Larchtal
  • Way cross in the Larchtal
  • Karwendel Mountains
  • On the road to St. Michael
  • The view to the other side of the Inn Valley becomes free
  • first houses of St. Michael
  • Farm
  • St. Michael
  • St. Michael
  • St. Michael
Innenansicht St. Michael im Gnadenwald

This is what it looks like in the church of St. Michael. Here there is a pilgrim stamp and ...

Deckenfresko der Notburga in der Kirche St. Michael Seitenaltar mit Hl. Nepomuk

... a holy Nepomuk: touch him with the mouse to enlarge him. We noticed a ceiling fresco of St. Notburga with chubby cute figures.


Over a very beautiful forest nature trail (but we did not notice anything of the teachings) the path leads to St. Martin in the forest of grace.

Sankt Martin im Gnadenwald

Saint Martin im Gnadenwald (St Martin in the forest of grace). The former monastery was our hostel. We were received very nicely and felt very comfortable. By the way: The absolutely necessary sleeping bags mentioned in the guide are not needed. We had a double room with good (for me somewhat short) beds with bedding. Shower and WC are in the corridor. Refugees from Syria now live in the area of the former enclosure.

Altar Sankt Martin im Gnadenwald

Many weddings and baptisms take place in the baroque pilgrimage church.

St. Martin in the church of St. Martin im Gnadenwald

Right at the entrance is this baroque figure of St. Martin.

Kloster Sankt Martin im Gnadenwald

The monastery seen from the side. On the right is the guest wing.