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Karwendel mountains

The path of contemplation, which is also the Way of St. James, begins directly at the St. Martin's Monastery in Gnadenwalde.

Here a view back to the Karwendel mountains.

Am Besinnungsweg

So tranquilly it goes slightly downhill through the forest.


At the Walderbrücke (bridge over the Weissenbach), the joy in the forest is over. From now on the route continues mainly on asphalt.

first view on Innsbruck

Soon we see Innsbruck in the distance. On the far left of the picture you can see the church of Absam.

chapel at Absam

On the way to Absam we pass this charming chapel. Click on the small picture and have a look inside the chapel.


You will find a modern, but very beautiful Madonna with child.

chapel and Karwendel mountains

The chapel from the other side.

Basilika in Absam Basilika in Absam

Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel in Absam

Absam church interior view

The service for the First Communion was just finished. So we were allowed a short look into the church.

"You must have come from far away!" says the pastor and wishes us all the best for the future.


I especially liked the Madonna on the right side. Click on the small picture!

sacristan's house

Behind this Gothic portal in the sacristan's house next to the church is a votive tablet chapel worth seeing.

Have a look inside by touching the door with your mouse.


From here it would be possible to make a detour to the interesting town of Hall in Tyrol, which I visited by bike on the Inntal cycle path.

Virgil chapel in Thaur

We continue on a dirt road to Thaur.

The Vigilkapelle is located in the Vigilgasse. Unfortunately it was closed

Thaur, GH Purner

We are approaching the centre of Thaur. In the background we already see the parish church "Maria Himmelfahrt" (Assumption of Mary).

The Gasthof Purner on the corner is a listed building.

church Thaur, Interior view

The church dates back to the 15th century and was baroque in the 18th century and de-baroque in the 19th century. The classicist high altar and the frescoes date from this period.

Mariahilfbild in Thaur

In Thaur at a house wall we have discovered this Mariahilf-picture.

Mariahilfbild in Thaur

II have not counted the number of Mariahilfbilder from Vienna. It will have been about 30. This is the last one we found before Innsbruck.

Way from Thaur to Rum

From Thaur we go on to Rum.


Rum against the impressive mountain backdrop

waycross near Rum

Another picture with a way cross. The church tower of Rum you see on the left.


Another beautiful Way of St. James plaque pointing to the church. The markings are now not quite as optimal. You also have to watch out for very tiny Camino de Santiago stickers.

St. George in Rum

The church of St. George of Rum.

chapel of Mary near Rum

The direct route continues along the road and passes this chapel of the Virgin Mary. The signposted path leads along muddy paths through vegetable fields with a high risk of getting lost.

We decided to take the bus for the last few kilometres to Innsbruck to have more time for Innsbruck.