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On the Austrian Jakobsweg (Way of St. James) shortly after Wörgl there is the possibility for a side trip to Mariastein. The place of pilgrimage is located on another branch of the Way of St. James, namely the one coming from Bohemia and Bavaria. Shortly before Glantzham the two paths merge. The pilgrimage church Mariastein is actually a castle. An approximately 42 m high keep (residential tower) once served to secure the old Roman road when it still ran along the left bank of the Inn. The church in the tower can be reached via 150 steps. The 14th century residential tower standing on a rock became a place of pilgrimage after a Marian miracle in the 18th century. In the castle there is the "Fürstensaal" with a richly carved coffered ceiling, a museum with the Tyrolean archduke's hat and the originally Gothic Chapel of Grace (rebuilt 1682 - 1685) with Our Lady of Grace (around 1450) and rococo altar (18th century).

Karte Umgebung Mariastein
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The inner courtyard: There is an altar here, because many masses are celebrated outdoors here, so that those attending the service do not have to climb up the many steps to the church.

In the middle of the picture you can see the entrance to the staircase of the main church.


In the first chapel on the way up you will find this Pieta.

Kapelle in Mariastein

After many steps we have reached the second chapel.

Maria Hilf Bild

Here we discovered a Mariahilf picture. On the photo it is somewhat hidden in the window niche by the confessional. Click on the picture to see it in full size.


At the top, we enter the sanctuary.


At the high altar there is the graceful picture Mariastein. Click on the small picture!


In the main church, the Tyrolean insignia with the archducal hat and sceptre are displayed in a showcase behind glass (therefore difficult to photograph). They were donated by Prince Maximilian, the Deutschmeister (around 1600).


This is the entrance to the castle complex from the north-east side.

Mariastein Vorraum

Behind the entrance there is a vestibule with a Mariahilf painting. Click on the small picture to enlarge it!