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Well supplied with food for the day we leave Unken. Because of a vacation weekend it was quite difficult to find a place to stay. Between Pass Strub and Waidring we found a farm with guest rooms - highly recommended.

Today was so eventful and we saw so many beautiful things that there are two websites:

Unken ─ Lofer and Lofer ─ Pass Strub.

Kirchenwirt, Unken

View from the church in Unken to our pilgrim hostel.

bridge over the Saalach at Unken

In Unken, just before the main road crosses the Saalach, this bridge brings us back on the pilgrim path.

Wanderweg entlang der Saalach

We hike along the Saalach river. On the way we met Veronika. We have already met her at the Kirchenwirt. She is on her way to Einsiedeln.

Instead of walking further along the Saalach, we decide to take the variant over the Innersbachklamm. It would be a pity to leave it out.

Here some pictures of the gorge


After the gorge we pass the village of Reith ...

little church in Reith

... with its little church.

Gerhard on the road as a pilgrim

Gerhard, a pilgrim on the way, shortly after Reith


The landscape all around is simply beautiful and the weather is wonderful!

Antonius dhapel Au

After a short ascent we come to the Antonius Chapel of Au.

Antoniuskapelle of Au, interior view

A view into the interior of the chapel.

mountain panorama of Au

The mountain panorama of Au.

Tiroler Bauernhof bei Au

The farmhouses here are beautiful.

Once again we have to decide on a path variant. We choose the path via the hamlet Bairau.

devils bridge

It leads through a forest to the Teufelsteg (devil bridge), ...

alter Teufelssteg

... but the Devil's Bridge was closed. So we had to accept a small detour to Lofer.

You will discover the Teufelssteg behind the trees. We did not get closer.

The good news is that the Teufelsteg was rebuilt in early 2016.


Photo: Meiberger Holzbau

At noon we were in Lofer. After the lunch break we started to tackle the Pass Strub.