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After an overnight stay in Rattenberg, the smallest town in Austria, the journey continued in bright weather towards Wörgl. From here one would cycle along the Way of St. James via St. Johann in Tyrol and the Steinpass to Salzburg. This route seemed less suitable for cycling, so we first continued in the Inn Valley towards Kufstein and then to Rosenheim. There we branched off from the Inntal cycle path to Lake Chiemsee. We stayed overnight in a very nice hotel directly on the Chiemsee.

Im Inntal

On the Inntal cycle path, shortly after Rattenberg.

A look back at the mountains, still covered in snow in April.

Cycle path to Kufstein

Shortly before Kufstein, the cycle path crosses the Inn, passes under the motorway and then directly towards the town.

Kufstein Fortress

Kufstein on the green Inn

The fortress was first mentioned in a document in 1205 and was owned by the bishops of Regensburg. Subsequently, the property was shared with the Bavarian dukes.

From 1313, the castle was a Regensburg fiefdom of the Dukes of Bavaria. In 1415, Duke Ludwig the Bearded strengthened the fortifications. In 1504 Emperor Maximilian I besieged and conquered Kufstein, had the castle rebuilt and expanded into a fortress.

In the 17th century the complex was extended. In 1703 and 1805 the Bavarians conquered the fortress until it was Austrian again from 1814.

Since 1924 it has been owned by the town of Kufstein.

See also: http://www.festung.kufstein.at/


Cycle path between Kufstein and Rosenheim

Cycle path next to the Inn between Kufstein and Rosenheim.

Unfortunately, we had to fight a strong headwind here.

A little off the Inntal cycle path we visited Neubeuern, which was voted Germany's most beautiful village in 1981. There are two town gates leading to the picturesque market square, where you can admire magnificent houses with beautiful balconies, oriels and "Lüftlmalereien".

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Market Square with St. Florian's Fountain
2 / 3
Market Square, City Gate
3 / 3
Church of the Immaculate Conception

Just before Rosenheim we looked for the way to the Simssee and drove along it via the Krottenbachmühle, Thalkirchen and Mauerkirchen to Rimsting to the Chiemsee.

at Chiemsee

After a long stage we arrived at Lake Chiemsee.

Gasthof Seehof at Chiemsee

Our hostel directly on the Chiemsee, Gasthof Seehof in Schafwaschen Bay (near Rimsting).