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Cycle path at Lake Chiemsee

This is how idyllic the path leads along the shore of Lake Chiemsee.

Watch out for the branch!

We circumnavigated Lake Chiemsee in the north. The northernmost point was Seebruck. We stayed on the lake as far as Chieming and then advanced over the hilly Bavarian landscape to Waging. We essentially followed the Mozart cycle path.

Waging in Bayern Maypole

Along Lake Waginger, the path led to Laufen and the Salzach river.

At the finish in Maria Plain

After the Salzach bridge in Laufen, we took a beautiful cycle path next to the river. The last 20 km we just flew along. In Bergheim we started the climb up the Plainberg, which could only be managed with a bit of pushing. In the picture we are at the stage finish at the "Maria Plain" inn of the Mo▀hammer family. The pilgrimage church is in the background.

The distance from Innsbruck to Salzburg is 230km.

A week of singing awaited us in Salzburg. Vreni brought the sheet music for Mozart's missa brevis in d (KV194) and the rest of the luggage in the car.