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Rorschach Lake Constance shore

The starting point of our pilgrimage with the parish was the railway station in Ror­schach. Our first path led us along the shore of Lake Constance, past the harbour to Jacob's fountain at Kronenplatz.

Jakobs well

On top of the well is a little bell from the St. James Chapel, which stood on this spot until 1834.


Sulzberg Castle, also known as Mötteli­schloss, is a castle in the municipality of Untereggen. The keep, which is over 20 metres high and dates from 1260, is still preserved from the original building and has a square shape with sides ten metres long. The tower is built of rough-hewn sandstone ashlars. Its wall thickness is 3.4 metres at the base.

The first owners, the Lords of Sulzberg, came from the Bavarian market town of Sulzberg near Kempten in Allgäu.

The later owners, the rich merchant family Mötteli, altered the castle in the 15th century with significant alterations. In the area of the castle courtyard, a deeply cellared residential wing was added to the tower; another palace on the north side of the tower completed Sulzberg into an angular, two-part complex.

After many changes of ownership, the castle has remained in private hands and today houses residential apartments.


We reach Untereggen with the church of Maria Magdalena.

Pilgrim stamp Untereggen

Gerhard and Kurt

Gerhard and Kurt in rain gear

Martin's Bridge

The Martin Bridge over the Goldach


The crossing over the Goldach Gorge was once very dangerous. A look into the depths shows the steep rock faces to the left and right.

At the Restaurant Schaugenhof we have reached the highest point of the hike. There is a beautiful view all around.:

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Aussicht auf Speicherschwendi
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Lake Constance
Der Bodensee
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Lake Constance
Der Bodensee
Sankt Fiden

Sankt Gallen is reached. In the district of Sankt Fiden we visited the church of the same name.

Cathedral of Saint Gallen

The cathedral of Sankt Gallen, our stage destination

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