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A beautiful day and a beautiful stage await us. We visit the Romanesque church in Andlau. A separate page is dedicated to it. (Please note the link "St. Peter and Paul"!) The little towns of Dambach and Châtenois also have their own pages!


The first village after Barr is called Mittelbergheim. From here, the route goes over a vineyard to Andlau.


It is uniquely beautiful to walk through the vineyards. Slowly we gain height and the view of the Rhine valley widens.

Silhouette of Andlau

On the other side of the vineyard, we can already see the silhouette of Andlau.

roofs of Andlau

Roofs of Andlau

city gate

Through the city gate we come to the church.

St. Peter and Paul

We visited the Romanesque church of St. Peter and Paul.

Richardis column

St. Richardis and her bear are omnipresent here.

Richardis column

Place in Andlau with Richardis Column

Way in Andlau

The Way of St. James leads out of Andlau through such picturesque alleys.


Soon the path goes steeply uphill in a forest and at a vineyard there is this view. The church of St. Peter and Paul is already quite small.

way through the vinyard

Once the hill has been crested, the route is almost flat along this picturesque path.

cross in the vinyard

A beautiful wayside cross in the vineyards

Bernardville way sign

After crossing the next hill, you can see Bernardvillé.

One of the many trail signs of the well-marked trail.

Baumgarten monastery Jakobus in Baumgarten

We approach the Baumgarten monastery. In the picture you can see the Nothelferkapelle. It is a former Cistercian monastery and today a convent of Trappist nuns. St James is in the entrance area to the monastery.

in the monastery

Devotional room in the monastery

inner court Baumgarten monastery

Inner courtyard of the Baumgarten monastery complex

at the edge of the forest

The trail continues through a wooded area and vineyards to the next town.


It's called "Nothalten". The translation of  this name means "emergancy stop"



cross in the vinyard

Again and again we come across such beautiful crosses along the path in the vineyards.




Only the two lower Romanesque levels of the 12th century bell tower remain of the church "of the Innocent Saints" in Blienschwiller, which was already mentioned in a document in 1230. The church was unfortunately destroyed by the Armagnacs in 1444. The present church dates from the 18th century.


View back to Blienschwiller

town gate of Dambach-la-Ville

The town gate of Dambach-la-Ville


The way continues over vineyards again and we admire castle ruins.

Taennelkreuz chapel

We take a break in the Taennelkreuz Chapel (dating from 1906). Time for a few songs.


We have reached the city limits of Châtenois, our stage destination. The pictures of Châtenois are on a separate page.