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We spent the night in the Marienthal monastery. Those who think that spending the night in a monastery means peace and quiet are mistaken. Late guests made enough noise and in the early morning the horn alarm of a car theft alarm woke us up.

Nevertheless, well rested and well fortified from the simple, monastic breakfast, we are greeted by the President of the Alsatian Way of St James Association. She accompanies us until the midday rest.

Unfortunately, it is a gloomy day and rain gear is called for!


Right at the Marienthal monastery, this sign shows us the direction in which we will march in the light rain.

Scherbenweg im Wald

First we walk through a wet forest. In some places, shards of roof tiles were strewn on the path, but not yet trodden in. The walking is a bit tedious.


We reach a first maize field. Maize fields will accompany us the whole day.

We didn't quite follow the Way of St James and walk a bit on a road.


We reach Weitbruch.

Kirche von Weitbruch

The church of Weitbruch. It is closed.

Rathaus von Weitbruch

The Town Hall


Again we pass through maize fields. Here, on a road, a particularly beautiful cross.

The ground is wet and deep. The shoes and the trousers show clear traces. There were also two slips, fortunately without any bad consequences.


The lunch stop is planned in Brumath. Here we march into the village.

Brumath Brunnen

Across this square with the interesting fountain - I assume they are Roman columns - we continue our pilgrimage to the church. It is not raining at the moment and so we can have a lunch break in front of the church.

Elsässer Trachten

After the food, we hold our reflection in a side chapel of the church. As we leave the church, a group in Alsatian costumes stands at the entrance to welcome worshippers.

Brücke Rhein-Marne Kanal

It's no longer raining, but we don't quite trust the weather yet.

After Brumath, we walk to the Rhine-Marne Canal.

This photo was taken during a short stop for a change of tenu: Hooray for stowing the rain gear!

Rhein-Marne Kanal

From now on we walk straight ahead, along the canal.

Hausboot am Rhein-Marne Kanal

At the Rhine-Marne canal

An elegant houseboat slowly passes by.

Silhouette von Vendenheim

The silhouette of Vendenheim

Schild: Hotel Argos in Vendenheim

The stage destination, the Hotel Argos in Vendenheim, is reached. What follows: Check into the room, shower, dinner.