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The Hotel Argos is located directly on the Way of St. James on the canal and so we continued our way from there. The canal leads to Strasbourg. We walk sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right bank. Occasionally a houseboat passes by or we observe swans in the water and in the air.

Hotel Argos in Vendenheim

In the morning we leave our pilgrim hostel, the Hotel Argos, and lo and behold it does not rain today.

Way longside Rhein-Marne-Kanals

In a good mood and chatting, we walk along at a brisk pace. The canal landscape doesn't offer much variety - if it weren't for the swan!



Occasionally we cross the canal to walk on the unpaved paths, which we prefer to leave to the cyclists.

Rhine-Marne Canal

The Rhine-Marne Canal (Canal de la Marne au Rhin) is a navigation canal in the north-east of France, running in the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region.
The canal connects the Marne to the Seine to the north at Vitry-le-François, to the Saône to the south, to the Moselle at Nancy and to the Rhine at Strasbourg.
Today, the waterway is mainly used by pleasure boats and houseboats.

The former towpath along the canal has been developed into a heavily frequented cycle path in Alsace (Département Bas-Rhin) from the Vosges to Strasbourg.

lock in Rhin-Marne-Canal

One of the many locks




We are approaching Strasbourg. Here in Höhnheim we pass beautiful residential quarters along the canal.

Canoes in Strasbourg

We have reached Strasbourg. Here the canal flows into the Ill. Pupils try their hand at canoeing. Going straight is more difficult than you think.

EU Parlament

The European Parliament in Strasbourg. You can see what it looks like inside by clicking on the picture.


(Interior photograph from Wikipedia)

Home of ARTE

The German-French television station arte is at home here.

Reformed Church St. Paul

Our Way of St. James leads past the neo-Gothic, Reformed Church of St. Paul.

We march through the streets of Strasbourg.

National Library

The National and University Library


The Palais du Rhin, formerly the Emperor's Palace, on the Place de la République in Strasbourg, was built between 1884 and 1889 and is one of the most striking buildings in the city with its pickelhauben-like dome.

Our destination is the youth hostel in Strasbourg, which will serve as our pilgrimage accommodation. We arrive at noon. In the afternoon we plan to visit the city with a guided tour of the cathedral.