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The starting point for this recommended Levada hike is about 5 km south of Porto Moniz. At the end of the parking lot begins a wide path lined with hydrangeas. You can even walk side by side. After only a few meters you reach the first eucalyptus trees, which give off their pleasant scent.

The path passes purification pools where trout cavort. Here, most of the leaves are fished out of the water so that they do not later reach the hydroelectric power plant.

We passed by a picnic area with a view back to the Atlantic, but enjoyed it on the way back and were besieged by Madeira Chaffinches who also wanted some of the picnic.

The trail continues into the valley of the Ribeira da Janela. Some ridges are bypassed until a beautiful fern wall is reached in a particularly deep cut.

After 2 h we reach the first tunnel. For its crossing we brought flashlights. Inside, next to the levada, it is very narrow and humid. You have to constantly watch your head and shoulders and also deep puddles.

At the end of the tunnel, a steep cauldron awaits, with the levada and a small balcony cut out of its wall. A waterfall falls directly onto the levada. A small roof was built for the hikers and levadeiros, so that they do not have to overcome this place completely soaked. The water falls noisily onto the small corrugated metal roof. A highlight of this hike!
Behind this point the second tunnel begins. It has a bend in the middle, so you can't see the end. At the exit of this second tunnel one has again a beautiful view on the steep basin. I hiked a little further in the direction of Wasserhaus, and then turned back again.

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