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Madeira from above

The Portuguese Island of Madeira

west of the Moroccan coast in the Atlantic Ocean is known as Flower Island.

Madeira is of volcanic origin and quite mountainous. The roads are very winding, the motorways lead through many tunnels and over many bridges.

The Levadas are known for their open irrigation systems, i.e. canals in which water is led from the rainforest in the north to the plantations and garden in the south. Along these Levadas lead some adventurous hiking trails.

Sisi in Madeira

Sisi Denkmal
Sisi Denkmal

She made her first trip for health reasons. One Lung specialist recommended a cure at the seaside. In the winter of 1860 she travelled to the Atlantic island of Madeira to cure her cough. The Austrian K&K-Marine had no ships suitable for the Atlantic, so an English ship had to be organized. A winter stay turned into an extended journey and lasted from 29 November 1860 to 28 April 1861. Elisabeth resided in the Quinta Vigia, which is now replaced by the Casino Park Hotel. A life-size statue of Sisi commemorates the legendary empress. She lived on Madeira very withdrawn.

Sisi came more than two decades later once again from 23.12.1893 to 23.12.1893. 4 February 1894 to the island.

Sisi memorial in Funchal