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We covered the first 5 km from Blankenheim to Nonnenbach by bus. From there on, the path goes past forest edges, over lonely ridges and partly on side roads. It becomes increasingly lonely and the villages become smaller. At the end of the stage we reach Kronenburg. This small town worth seeing with its lovingly restored houses is enthroned on a ridge in the upper Kyll valley.

Departure from Nonnenbach

A side road served us as a shortcut to the official Way of St. James.

On the way again

On the way to Waldorf

In 1157 the place was called Valendorf. This settlement name testifies that it was the settlement of the Valen or Walen. The name Walen identifies the village as the former dwelling place of Celtic-Romans who had remained behind in the territories snatched from Germanic tribes by Romans. The Germanic tribes called this mixed Celtic-Roman people Wälsche (strangers).

The Dionysius Church in Waldorf originally dates from the 15th century.

Lonely path to a ridge


Exactly on the state border of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate and approximately on the boundaries of the municipalities of Esch, Schmidtheim, Dahlem and Jünkerath, the Vierherrenstein rises on the Heidenkopf (547 m). On three sides, below the coats of arms, the inscriptions "SCHM" (Schmidtheim), "KRÖN" (Kronenburg) and "IVNG" (Jünkerath) can be clearly seen. On the fourth side, facing Esch, the coat of arms is only indistinctly visible.

We used the rest area at Vierherrenstein for our lunch break.

Way of St. James signpost: Dahlem 3.0 km, stamp station in the parish church of St. Hieronymus

Idyllic on the edge of the forest, away from the traffic, the path leads.


The Catholic parish church of St. Mary's Birth in Baasem (part of the municipality of Dahlem) dates from the 14th century.

Apse of the two-nave hall church with net vaulting

The fine-meshed net vault with finishing stones.


was first mentioned in a document in 1277. It lies on a hilltop above the Kyll valley. Narrow alleys are lined with medieval houses. The Way of St. James runs along the Burgbergring through the middle of the town. The Kronenburg ruins lie at the top of the hill.

Where once knights, castle men, clerics, farmers and craftsmen made their homes, art galleries and arts and crafts shops have set up shop. Many well-preserved half-timbered houses still exist. An architectural work of art is the 15th century parish church of St. Johann Baptist. A single central pillar supports the net vault of this single-column church, which is well worth seeing.

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Town gate
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Gate to the castle hotel
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St. Johann Baptist in Kronenburg
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Single-column church