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Mauritus church in Weilerswist

Morning reflection in the Mauritius Church in Weilerswist. The original medieval church burnt down in 1757 and was rebuilt in the present style.

St. Mauritius Interior view

A view into the baroque church. On the left wall, three saints caught my eye.

Fides, Spes and Caritas

Fides, Spes and Caritas (Latin for faith, hope and love, the three basic virtues of Christianity) are three legendary virgins who, according to tradition, suffered martyrdom at the time of Emperor Hadrian (117-138).

along the Erft

Path along the Erft

Heiligkreuz Kirche
Albertus Magnus cross

Holy Cross Church (Grossvernich)


On the right wall hangs a huge wood-carved crucifix from the 13th century. Because of its origin in the Dominican Church in Cologne, it is associated with the theologian Albertus Magnus, who is said to have donated it. In a cavity, the corpus contains a particle of the "True Cross of Christ" as well as other relics.


Signpost to Euskirchen


We walk in the plain along the Erft.




We cross a dam.

gloomy clouds

Gloomy clouds roll in and make us bring out the rain gear.

Weg und Wolken

But the clouds only drop a few drops and disappear again.

entlang der Erft

Always peaceful along the Erft


Occasionally in an alley

St. Martin, Euskirchen

Finally we reach Euskirchen. We march to St. Martin's Church.


The Gothic carved altar with the Holy Kinship. Use the zoom function (magnifying glasses and double magnifying glass symbol) to discover James as a child on a hobbyhorse!


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