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On a beautiful autumn day in 2013, Vreni and I took a day trip along this stretch of the Way of St. James.


The train station Boll is located directly on the Way of St. James. From there we walk a short distance on the main road to the west. Then we turn left onto this side road (to Dentenberg).

hamlet near Boll

Still going flat.


After a short, but hard climb in the forest, we reach Dentenberg. In the picture the place name sign.

Since spring 2013, the Via Jacobi has been crossing the city of Bern. The new route separates from the former one on the Dentenberg after the former cheese factory. The path leads west to the Amselberg, the Bear Park and on to the Cathedral. The pilgrims leave the city in a southerly direction, following the Aare to the Schönausteg, which they cross. Continuing along the left bank of the Aare to Camping Eichholz, from there the path climbs up to Wabern and follows the eastern flank of the Gurten halfway up in a southeasterly direction. At the settlement "Undere Gurte" it descends to Kehrsatz, where the new trail joins the previous one. The hiking trail connection Gümligen - Hüenliwald - Auguetbrügg remains.


A tourist information board on the Dentenberg provides information about the alternative route, which includes two sights: the iron sculpture "Pilgrim's Mantle" at the Reformed Church Gümligen


and the Auguetbrügg, one of the last wooden bridges in the area. The new line via Bern measures 15 km, about 6.5 km more than the alternative route.




The big farm dog of Amselberg smiled at us in a friendly way and I was even allowed to take pictures of this beautiful homestead.

path from Gümeligeberg

It goes downhill from Gümeligeberg.

Gümeligen valley

We cross the Gümeligen valley. On our left is the village of Gümelingen.

Grossholz forest path

We hike through another piece of forest (Grossholz).

tree spronges

We liked this tree stump with sponges glowing in the sun.

open-air swimming pool Ostermundingen

View from the open-air swimming pool Ostermundingen. Now it is not far to Bern.


A first look at the houses of Bern.

marching into Bern

It's going downhill!

Paul Klee waynames

We cross the Schosshaldenwald forest. The paths here bear the names of paintings by Paul Klee. If you are interested in what the matching pictures look like,


just click on the names (pop up windows must be allowed!), or on the small pictures.

Center Paul Klee

On the highway we cross is the Paul Klee Center.

The path leads us further to the bear trench (Bärengraben).

Impressions of Bern

Aare in Bern

We leave Bern along the Aare.

swimmers in the Aare

Occasionally we can admire swimmers.


The Schönausteg (foot bridge) leads to the other side of the Aare and subsequently to Wabern and Kehrsatz.