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This is what Lucerne looked like in 1642.

Luzern 1642

Source: Wikipedia

Interesting is the covered bridge to the church at the courtyard (Hofkirche), which unfortunately no longer exists. What a tourist attraction that would be. Now it is the much photographed Kapellbrücke (chapel bridge). The town tower between the bridges is still there and so is the Kirche am Hof, with which the town's history is closely linked.

Lucerne Kapellbrücke

map of the way of St. James through Lucerne

The Way of St. James in Lucerne starts at the boat station. (Map from http://map.wanderland.ch). We follow the hiking trail signs and hike...

Lucerne Kapellbruecke

... past the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) ...



.... to the baroque Jesuit Church

Luzern Jesuit church interior view


Brother Klaus inside the Jesuit church Lucerne In the church, the statue of Brother Klaus stands out in a side altar. The cloak is his original mantle.

In the predella (altar foot) is the original cane of Brother Klaus with silver settings.

cane of Brother Klaus

Franziskanerplatz Lucerne

We continue along Bahnhofstrasse and come to Franziskanerplatz with the fountain and ...

Franziscan church Lucerne

.... the Franciscan Church.
Franziscan church interior view

A look inside the Franciscan Church

Family of St James

Inside, I was impressed by the representation of the family of the pilgrim patron Saint James the Elder ...

Anna and Joachim

... and the portrayal of Anna and Joachim.


Past the oldest pharmacy, the path leads out of the city.