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In the early morning we hike from our domicile in Maselheim to Laupertshausen. On a house wall we are greeted by St. James.

Jakobus an der Hauswand

Laupertshausen Kirche St. Jakobus & Pelagius

On a small hill lies the catholic church.

Altar in der Kirche St. Jakobus & Pelagius

It is consecrated to St. James - at the altar on the left - and to St. Pelagius - at the altar on the right. We will visit the grave of St. Pelagius later in the cathedral of Constance.

Die Heiligen Jakobus & Pelagius

At the high altar: James and Pelagius
At the gallery of the Laupertshauser church there are five

with the deeds and wonders of the apostle. I've put them on a separate page.

Jakobsweg nach Königshofen

From Laupertshausen we hike along field paths to Königshofen and then to Mettenberg.

St. Alban

In Mettenberg we visit the church St. Alban.

St. Alban Innenansicht
St. Alban Mettenberg

The originally early Gothic church was rebuilt in the Baroque style and was devastated by Austrian and French troops around 1800.

1859-61 the church was again furnished with Gothic works of art.


At the exit from the church there is this picture panel with the representation of the crescent miracle of the Tyrolean Saint Notburga.


From Mettenberg it goes steeply downhill to Biberach.