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Frauenberg chapel

After a short ascent from Bad Waldsee we reach the Frauenberg chapel. It was built in place of an old chapel as a parish church 1471 - 74.

Frauenberg chapel, Innenaufnahme


The interior decoration (1624) was created by a family of sculptors from Waldsee.

St. James greets from the main altar.

Mariahilfbild Kopie Mariahilfbild von Lucas Cranach

On the left side of the wall is a Maria Hilf picture.

For comparison the original in Innsbruck

Volkertshauser chapel

After another gentle ascent through the suburban quarter of Bad Waldsee with street names that all belong to composers, the view suddenly opens up. In the distance, on a small hill, the Volkertshauser chapel stands picturesquely.

Then the path strives towards the forest.

Forest path

From here we walk the whole day on forest paths through the forest.


Another arduous descent on slippery ground ...


... and already Weingarten comes into view.

In the zoom, the stage finish looks close enough to touch. Actually we still hiked for a while until we got there.