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Many asphalt kilometres and only short stretches of forest lead from Brochenzell to Markdorf.


At the Mauritius Chapel and...  ...

Altes Spital

... past the old hospital ...

oberes Tor

... the pilgrimage route leads through the Obertor to the town of Markdorf.

Inschrift am Obertor

Inscription on the upper gate (Obertor)

oberes Tor von Innen

The Obertor seen from the inside

Marktdorfer church

The path leads down to the Markdorf church.


In the background you can see the so called "Hexenturm (whitch tower)". It is part of the medieval town fortification. It was also a prison and in one cell an "angel maker's cutlery" was found hidden in a cell wall during restoration work.


The Untertor leads out of the city.


A look back at the Untertor

Gerhard on the way

The path leads well signposted through woods ...

querliegender Baum

...- sometimes difficult passages have to be overcome - ...

chapel Braitenbach

... to the chapel Braitenbach.
IIn the chapel there are red chalk drawings of pilgrims from previous centuries.


Now it is not far to the Bodensee, soon a zeppelin can be seen in the air and the place name sign Meersburg is reached.

grave of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

We visit the grave of the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff at the Meersburg cemetery.


Through the Obertor we enter the town of Meersburg.

In no time at all it is done with the tranquility of pilgrimage. There is a hectic tourist bustle here.

Fachwerkhäuser entlang der Steigstrasse

Magnificent half-timbered houses along the steep road that we walk downhill ...

old castle

... past the old castle ...


...as far as Lake Constance.

Nepomuk Statue

In summer 2009 this Johannes Nepomuk statue was still totally hidden under ivy. The picture was taken in October 2010, when it stands in full splendour directly at the lake.

After a short rest the ferry brings us to Constance.