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St Stephen's Cathedral in the heart of Vienna

Saint Stephen's 1926

This is what the cathedral looked like in 1926 (before the great fire) with its original Gothic roof. Click on the picture to enlarge!

Saint Stephens 2014

That's how he looks today, almost 1oo years later. The tranquillity is over. The cathedral is visited daily by about 14'000 tourists and it is an eternal building site.

St. Stephen Westfront

The west façade by day, by night, and with the wide-angle lens; just click on the pictures!

What else should I show of my*) dome on the web? Interior shots of places where you can't get there easily or something you can't see anymore, like the medieval choir stalls.

*) Of course, St. Stephen's Cathedral is not mine, but I got confirmed there and I feel "at home" there. Who actually owns St. Stephen's Cathedral? It belongs to itself and is administered by a Domkapitel (cathedral chapter).