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Womenaltar - Mary in the sun


The Lady's Altar houses the picture of grace from 1493, "Mary in the sun".

Mary in the sun

The representation of Mary is based on the Schöngauer stitch "Madonna with the apple". To compare, click with the mouse on the picture. (Source: Wikipedia) The Child Jesus holds an apple (symbol of the love of Christ), two angels hold the old imperial crown (private crown Emperor Friedrich III.) above the head of Maria. She has the moon at her feet and is surrounded by the sun.

This way of depicting Mary probably goes back to a sentence in John's Revelation: "Then a great sign appeared in the sky: a woman clothed with the sun; the moon was under her feet and a wreath of twelve stars on her head". ( Rev 12,1 ) At their feet by the crescent moon the founders pray the rosary - separated according to Sexes.

Martin Schongauer (* at 1445/50 in Colmar, Alsace; February 2, 1491 in Breisach am Rhein) was a German engraver and painter.


Above the altarpiece the scene is repeated. Two - this time baroque - angels hold a crown over Mary. At the top is written "Mater admirabilis".

Frauenaltar ohne Touristen

A photo (with a view of the women's altar) so almost completely without tourists is already something special.