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After a morning tune-up, we marched away from the cathedral towards the south.

Abmarsch vom Dom in Speyer Pilgerstempel


On a lot of asphalt, the route leads through suburbs out of the city ...


... to Mechtersheim.

We walk past the Catholic St. Laurentius Church to the Protestant Peace Church, where we are expected.

Germersheim, Friedenskirche

The Friedenskirche was built between 1877 and 1879 in a mixed style between neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque. After its destruction in 1944, a baroque hall was rebuilt from 1949 to 1952.


Kiesweg und Pferd

Across wide plains - in between on gravel paths - ...

Ortstafel Lingenfeld

... we reach Lingenfeld and are hit by a heavy rain front. Therefore, there are no photos until we reach our destination Germersheim.

Hotel Post in Germersheim

Our hostel, the Hotel Post in Germersheim

Eckhaus in Germersheim

After the rain, the sun is shining again - time for a little tour of Germersheim.

Jakobuskirche in Germersheim

The Church of St James


There is a St. James fountain in front of the church of St. James.

Innenansicht Jakobuskirche

This is how the simple interior of the Church of St. James in Germersheim presents itself.


The crypt was only recently discovered when something in the floor collapsed during construction work.

Chorraum mit Hauptaltar Johannes mutiert zu Jakobus

On the left in the choir room is a statue of St James, which was previously a statue of St John.

altes Rathaus

The inscription on the sundial at the old town hall reads:

One of these will also be yours.

Gasthus Rebstöckl 1588 Inschrift 1588

The stone at the Rebstöckl inn indicates a long history.

Protestantische Kirche


The Protestant Church

Here the Way of St. James leads out of Germersheim.