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Alsatian Way of St. James: Wissembourg - Surbourg

A beautiful day begins. After a French breakfast of pain au chocolat and baguette at the Hotel d'Alsace, which served as our pilgrim hostel, we take our backpacks and walk through the town of Wissembourg, illuminated by the morning sun.


Our way leads us through the Rue national into the centre of the city. We hurry past the magnificent half-timbered houses, take a look at the sunlit cathedral and the town hall square. From there we walk southwards and cross the Lauter ...

Wissembourg, rue de la république

... on the Rue de la République.

Way of St. James shortly after Wissembourg

We walk through huge fields ...


... and reach Oberhoffen.


Rest area in Oberhoffen.

That's what the little sign in the middle of the picture says!


Way of St. James in Alsace

Across the vast, open landscape, the trail leads along sandy roads ...

Corn fields

... past huge corn fields.

church tower of Bremmelbach in the distance

In the distance you can see the church of the hamlet Bremmelbach on the stream of the same name.


The rider who accompanied us for a bit says goodbye and we take a short break.



On the Way of St. James before Soulz-sous-Forêts in Alsace

With fresh strength we cross the wide plain. Through the steady pace and the silence all around, the soul begins to dangle.

We are approaching Soulz-sous-Forêts

In the distance the towers of Soulz-sous-Forêts appear.

Soulz sous Forêts, Parish house

Already we are in the small town and pass the magnificent rectory. The clouds are getting darker.

Soulz sous Forêts, church

We go to the church for a short reflection. In the meantime, the rain has started.

Dove nests on lantern in front of the church of Soulz-sous-Forêts

A dove nests on the lantern in front of the church.

Pilgrimage group after the rain

We continue our pilgrimage and the rain subsides.

On the field path

Here we march from the rain into the sun.

Surbourg on the horizon

On the horizon we spot the church tower of Surbourg.

Surbourg town sign

Marching into Surbourg

Street in Surbourg

It seems a bit extinct.

romanesque church St. Arbogast

The Romanesque church of Surbourg

Thérèse of Lisieux

I have described all details about the Romanesque church of St. Arbogast on my pages "Romanesque in Alsace". See there!

Here I content myself with this lady. She caught my eye in the church. It is St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

We spent the night in Morsbronn-les-Bains. A nice Alsatian brought us there with his car and explained everything on the way with his broad Alsatian. The "Schöffele" remained a mystery. Only the next day we understood what he meant: "Charolais cattle".