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This section of the Austrian Way of St. James

from Herzogenburg to Göttweg Abbey

leads through many cellar alleys and from one wayside shrine to another. The path leads from Herzogenburg via Walpersdorf and Maria-Ellend past Paudorf (pilgrims' hostel) to Göttweig Abbey, majestically situated on a hill above the Danube.

Where does the St. James' Way lead out of Herzogenburg? Just follow the Kremserstrasse to the roundabout. There is a sign for motorists: "Walpersdorf", which the pilgrim does not see, when he walks on the left side of the road. We stay on the Kremserstrasse.


The town hall square of Herzogenburg. In 2008 you searched in vain for signs of St. James' Way. Turn right towards Krems.


Soon you turn off Kremserstrasse onto side roads. There are many walnut trees and in autumn many nuts.


By autumn, the corn has dried up completely...


... and pumpkins are ready for transport.


Past this house, it goes to...


... Wielandsthal.

alter Weinkeller

We pass a baroque wine cellar in need of renovation...

Erdinger Kreuz

... and come to the Ederdinger Kreuz (cross).


Now the way leads to Walpersdorf. At the entrance of the village you will find this Schöderböck wayside shrine.

It commemorates Leopold Schöderböck who died of a stroke in 1875 in the vineyard at the age of 18.

Kellergasse - Jakobsweg

We go through a cellar alley. It's called the "Way of St. James." (Jakobsweg).

Panorama Schloss Walpersdorf

At the end of the lane "Jakobsweg" we come to the Renaissance castle Walpersdorf. It is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Traisen valley. Three wings around the inner courtyard were already built before 1571. Helmhardt Jörger, who acquired the manor in 1576, had the three-storey Renaissance quad completed, the main façade with the two towers built and the pillory courtyard situated outside completed with four gates and a strong tower. The south and north wings in the cour d'honneur were only added after 1669. Here Georg Ludwig Sintzendorf had a silk manufactory built, which mainly produced silk stockings until 1683.

The castle was renovated in 2013/2014 and now presents itself in a completely new light. On 24.04.2014 the Lederleitner company opened a centre for the meeting of culture, culinary and design. A castle brewery is also planned.

We visited the castle and the baroque chapel. In the chapel there is a Mariahilfbild and attached to the chapel is a Loreto chapel. The medieval frescos look better there than the originals in Loreto. At the altar there is a copy of the Madonna of Loreto.

We walk around the castle counterclockwise until we reach the square with St. Nepomuk on which there is also an old pillory.

Hl. Nepomuk von Walpersdorf

Saint Nepomuk in Walpersdorf


Pillory from the 15th century.


We leave Walpersdorf through this magnificent gate ...

Kellergasse Walpersdorf

... and walk through the Walpersdorfer Kellergasse (cellar lane). It leads us to Anzenberg.

Rastplatz in der Kellergasse

A rest area in the Kellergasse. This photo is composed of two photos. We have photographed each other.


It's always going uphill to the Rampelkreuz ...

Rotes Kreuz

... and past the red cross......

Maria Ellend

... to Maria Ellend.

Kapelle Maria Ellend
Maria Ellend Innenansicht

A look inside

The Maria Ellend Chapel.

Aussicht von Maria Ellend auf Göttweig

From Maria Elend we see Göttweig for the first time. What a sight!

Gasthaus zur schönen Aussicht

Now you can decide on a path variant.

Up to edition No. 6 Lindenthal leads on a gravel path along the forest to Höbenbach and through the Kellergasse (cellar alley) to the road and from there uphill (30 metres altitude difference) to meet the path marked with the yellow signs. This leads past the inn "zur schönen Aussicht" next to the chapel Maria Ellend on the road very directly to Paudorf.

Advantage: the (asphalt) path is somewhat shorter.

Disadvantage: one misses the beautiful, renovated cellar lane of Höbenbach.

Tip: Be sure to take the asphalt-free path, walk along the forest and admire the most beautiful Lower Austrian Kellergasse.

Höbenbacher Keller in der Kellergasse

This is what it looks like in one of the cellars in Höbenbach.

Every year in summer there is a Kellergassenfest (cellar alley festival)

See also:

The link shows what one experiences at the Kellergassenfest (cellar alley festival).

white cross

At this cross the paths meet again.

Weg nach Göttweig

Göttweig comes closer,...


... and closer.

Statue Benediktinermönch

A stone Benedictine monk greets us before the ascent to the monastery.

Göttweig Nepomukkapelle

On the uphill path along the road to the monastery you pass a chapel for St. Nepomuk.

At last the hill on which the monastery stands has been climbed. To get to the entrance we circle the monastery and look forward to an extensive tour.